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Fleet Standards

On average, 6,000 people in Canberra rely on our taxi service every day of the year. We take about approximately 42,000 bookings each week, making crucial for us to get it right.We strive hard to ensure that vehicles affiliated with Aerial's taxi networks meet the strictest of standards in relation to vehicle and driver presentation. All vehicles must exceed a standards checklist prior to being allowed on the network, and weekly inspections are held for all taxis, on a rotating basis.Constant monitoring of these standards are also met through the activities of the Road Marshalls, a group of voluntary operators and drivers, who are actively ensuring that vehicles and drivers maintain a high standard. Penalties may apply for those vehicles or drivers who do not meet these expectations.


If you experience difficulties with any part of the service provided when using any of Aerial's taxi or hire car services then we would like to hear from you. Please use our customer complaint contact points, listed below, to report your concerns or difficulties. Customer complaints should be emailed to canberraelite@aerialcapitalgroup.com.au. Written complaints can be mailed to Complaints at Aerial Capital Group Ltd PO Box 1233, Fyshwick 2609.

Vehicle Inspections

Fleet inspections are held every Tuesday to ensure that our taxis meet standards of safety and presentation set by Aerial. Taxis that fail inspection are usually given a short period to make the necessary repairs, and if not done can be suspended from the network. Taxis can also be suspended if they are not presented on the scheduled day. Each taxi goes through the inspection process every twelve weeks.

Fleet Appearance

It has been noted that the fleet appearance of Canberra Elite Taxis has improved immensely over the last few months and most drivers are wearing the correct footwear and uniforms. There is always room for improvement and having the Road Marshalls out and about has made a huge difference.

Road Marshalls

At present we have 22 Owner/Operators out and about as Marshalls for Aerial Capital Group. These Marshalls are out on the road 24/7 looking and checking for Taxi conditions and Driver's uniforms and etiquette. They have the authority to suspend or fine any Taxi or Driver they feel is breaching our code of conduct.


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