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New Technology Installation

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Between the 8th – 17th October, Aerial Capital Group is upgrading our entire taxi dispatch system in our Canberra Elite, Silver Service and QeTaxi fleets to offer modern 4G enabled hardware and software. The new system will also provide added security features linking meter hardware to the dispatch system.  The new in-car hardware will also enable Aerial to offer new services and features to our taxi customers.

Driver training is being carried out via a range of training media to ensure all our drivers are proficient in the use of the new dispatch system.

Planning indicates that there should be minimal disruption to our taxi service in Canberra however the scope of change is significant, and should interruptions occur we request your understanding and patience. We apologise in advance if any inconvenience arises. We have staff ready to address any delays that may arise. Our objective and investment are directed to providing better and more timely taxi services.

After October 19 Aerial’s fleets will be fitted with modern state of the art hardware and software focused on better customer service with enhanced security and privacy.