New e-Administration Project

Aerial has commenced work on a new business project that will move Taxi Administration to the web. Our aim is to streamline our procedures and eliminate the use of paper systems, thereby saving time and money. This will make it simpler and faster for our customers, drivers and operators to join and do business with Aerial.

The project is expected to take up to six months to reach full implementation. During this period Aerial will ask ALL (existing, on stand-by and new) operators to complete a NEW Application form (online) to register for Aerial’s new Taxi services.

The New Application form will give access to Aerial Capital Group’s NEW Base and Bureau fees and charges for taxis services. We ask for your patience during this time as we transition and confirm your data with us is up to date.

As our new business project continues, selected operators, drivers and Bureau Partners will be working with us to trial and refine our new business procedures.

The Project is expected to begin implementation in June 2020, and we will provide information updates on our News page as progress develops.

Applicable Documentation:

Please complete these forms as soon as possible and return to

Operator Application Form

Aerial Operator Agreement Standard Terms and Conditions

Aerial Operator Agreement Schedule

Bailment Terms and Conditions to Bail a Taxi

The Bailment document gives the driver proof of their status as a private contractor. This then establishes a legal basis for other things like insurance etc. It also will enable a driver to access Gov. benefits and helps in any audits conducted by the ATO or state regulators. eg. Proof of right to claim workers compensation from the Operator.

This should be referred to each Operator as they may have varying rules.

This should be referred to each Operator as they may have varying rules.

This should be referred to each Operator as they may have varying rules.

Yes you can define your rights and protect yourself in a dispute. You can also use this to get access to Gov support programs.

You must be working for an Operator that has an Agreement with Canberra Elite. Aerial requires the Operator to have a Bailment agreement with all drivers.

It is part of the process needed to establish a contract for you to work as a private contractor with a Prime Contractor (ie the operator)

Not specifically for a Bailee agreement but as a private contractor you do need to establish a formal agreement to engage your contracting services with one or more operators. Without the Bailment agreement you have no record of your rights or proof of a claim for workers compensation.

If the driver refuses to sign a bailment agreement and you let this person drive your car then you expose yourself and Aerial to the cost of the drivers employee benefits. It is a condition of your Agreement with Aerial that you bail the car & equipment to drivers. The only way out of this condition is to formally acknowledge that the driver is an employee.

You will be asked to show proof that you have a bailment agreement with all drivers. If this is not provided then you breach your Agreement with Aerial.

We will notify you of a breach in your Agreement. If it is not promptly resolved your agreement may be terminated.

NO the base fees remain the same. However your Agreement will be subject to a breach and can be terminated by Aerial Capital Group.

Bailment agreements are not part of taxi regulations. They are part of contract and employment best practice. The Bailment agreement is a way of all parties – Operator, Drivers and Aerial defining and protecting their rights.

An Operator agreement is required to get access under a contractual agreement to the Company’s base fees.

New fees and charges are being offered by Aerial. To get access to these new prices all Operators need a new Agreement with Aerial.

In establishing new agreements the operator needs to make an application for the new Agreement. We need to confirm all information is accurate and up to date.

If you are not on the road now then you will not get access to work until you do. If you are on the road now there is a period of time allotted to get this in place.

Royalties only apply to Aerial’s account work. This is the cost of marketing and contract administration for all Aerial

Only the market can answer that- Aerial has reacted to the market and intends to continue to offer a very competitive taxi service price in Canberra.

The security deposit is required to protect Aerial if operators accounts go into shortfall. It allows operators a short period to bring their account into balance without Aerial having to withhold services during the period in shortfall.

Because Aerial has to do more administrative work to recover unpaid money.

Base fees are payable in advance. If past costs are not fully covered and the base fees are not paid in advance then there is a breach to the Agreement.

Yes to gain access to this brand, and legitimately charge the $13.80

Yes but this will become the responsibility of the Operator with oversight from Aerial – more detail to follow

It does not have a fixed term. It continues until either party gives a notice of termination.

Operator Information


We take pride in the standard of our fleets and regularly inspect to ensure they meet safety and presentation standards. Every vehicle and driver are regularly inspected without notice.

New Zealand

Vehicles are inspected at least 4 times per year:

  • Camera Reset, Warranty and Standards inspection are held every 6 months.
  • Every vehicle and driver are standards inspected, without notice, at least twice a year.

Messages are sent to each Taxi when they are due to be inspected. Failure to attend inspections attracts a $50.00 fine.

The Aerial Taxi Workshop manages Aerial’s fleet dispatch, eftpos and camera Installation including repairs and upgrades.

The workshop is open 8.00am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday.

Please make an appointment with Aerial Reception 02 6126 1500.

Every Operator must take out a separate third party policy and if required workers compensation from an insurance company that they choose. For more information please contact Reception on +61 2 6126 1500.

Taxi Industry Innovation Review Support Analysis:This analysis paper provides analysis and information that provides context for the Government’s taxi industry innovation reforms.

2015 Taxi Innovation Review | Aerial Capital Group Submission: ACGL’s calls upon the Minister to use the outcomes of the 2015 Taxi Review to formulate evidence based evaluation of the costs and benefits of making any changes to existing Taxi legislation.

Given the potential financial impact and harm associated with implementation of the views proposed in the review document, ACGL asks that every effort be made to ensure wide ranging support for change. The Government has invested significantly for over 30 years in 10 previous taxi reviews resulting in the current regulatory system that offers the best mix of technology, service and infrastructure for the Canberra market. Changing this mix towards a greater focus on deregulation will have wide-ranging impacts upon community safety and service levels. This paper outlines these impacts and ACGL draws on our experience in the NZ deregulated taxi market. It is incumbent upon Government to fully consider, cost and mitigate these impacts.The community have the right to an a priori assessment of this analysis and cost.