Aerial is a transport and communications company with nearly 60 years of experience in delivering high-tech communications, dispatch and logistical services to the transport industry. Maintaining privately owned and operated fleets in Australia and New Zealand, Aerial is dedicated to making taxi business communications work more efficiently at a cost effective level.

Aerial provides advanced call centre and taxi dispatch technologies and hosting to taxi businesses throughout New Zealand, offering a fully resilient 24/7 data and call centre and high level support. These operations are supported through Aerial's cloud focused ICT company.

Aerial Capital Group and Aerial Capital Group NZ are public companies and employ over 100 skilled professionals in Australia and New Zealand.

Our fleet of contracted transport operators work in the following fleets:

Australia Fleets
  • Canberra Elite Taxis
  • Canberra Hire Cars
  • BUSme
  • Silver Service Canberra Taxis
  • Qe Taxis
New Zealand Fleets
  • First Direct Taxis
  • Taxis Palmerston North
Operator Services

Our Transport operators and their drivers are not employees but contractors working under agreements.
In addition to servicing transport fleets, Aerial provides associated administrative services for owners, operators and drivers including:

  • Call Centre and Dispatch
  • Operator and Driver Training
  • Taxi and Hire Car Supplies
  • Mutual Aid (fleet) Insurance
  • Payment and Account Services
  • Financing, and
  • Access to transport supplies (eg fuel)
Contact Centres

Our 24/7, transnationally resilient Contact Centres are located in:

  • Canberra, Australia
  • Palmerston North, New Zealand
  • Christchurch, New Zealand