Operator Notice: Taxi Plate Fees

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ACT Government Leased Taxi Plates:

The ACT Government will waive all government leased taxi plate fees, including wheelchair accessible taxis to help support this vital service. This initiative will help to keep taxis on the road.

These fees will be waived automatically. Contact does not need to be made with Access Canberra on these fees.

Privately Leased Taxi Plates:

The government will provide a one-off payment of up to $5,000 to taxi operators who lease their taxi plates from private owners. This level of support is in line with that already being provided to taxi operators who lease government issued plates in the Territory.

Taxi operators who lease their taxi plates from private owners will need to email Access Canberra for these payments to be progressed. An application form is currently being developed and will be available on the Access Canberra website from 6 April 2020. In the interim, if drivers want to start their application they can send an email to taxiservices@act.gov.au.

*Advice obtained from the ACT Government COVID-19 website