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Aerial Capital Group Limited  


Aerial Capital Group is an Australian transport logistics company operating the capital's largest fleet of passenger vehicles including hire-cars, taxis and shuttle buses. Aerial also provides associated specialist transport services to support owners, operators and drivers. Aerial also provides communication services with regards to commercial call centre services as well as telecommunications sales, service and maintenance through Servitel, a wholly owned subsidiary. Aerial Capital Group provide transport and communication services to Canberra and the surrounding region.


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Supporting Safe Transport for Passengers and Drivers


Canberra Elite's 'Grab a Cab' wrapped taxi has made the journey to Sydney in support of the 'Grab a Cab!' campaign and the NSW launch. 
This campaign is an initiative of the Australian Taxi Industry Association to raise awareness within the community of the importance of only using regulated, licenced taxis. 
Taxi organisations are subject to corporate governance and strict government regulations on safety, not least of which includes the requirement for background checks on drivers, GPS tracking and security cameras in every vehicle. The use of unregulated rideshare apps, not subject to the same regulations, is putting passengers and drivers at risk. 
Aerial Capital Group together with Canberra Elite and Silver Service Canberra Taxis, strongly supports the 'Grab a Cab' initiative. 



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Canberra Elite have been providing taxi services to the ACT and NSW region since 1957. You will see our fleet working hard from Civic to Cooma and Barton to Bungendore.
Silver Service is a prestige taxi fleet offering quality of service based on luxury sedans with professional and courteous drivers. The Silver Service fleet has developed a strong base of corporate clients.
Canberra Hire Cars provides luxury transport to Canberra and the surrounding region with the largest fleet of hire cars in canberra. We do the all the little things to make your journey as pleasant and relaxing as possible.
Busme fleet have different size buses to service the need of group travel.